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SIHEKSU_Training for KSU members held on 6-8 September, 2017

Prishtinë, 02/10/2017 - 02:04

Within the frame work of the Tempus project “Support to the Internationalization of Kosova Higher Education System through establishment of the Kosova Students’ Union” (SIHEKSU), training for Kosovar Students’ Union members was held on 6-8 September, 2017 in Prishtine.

The overall aim of the training was to review the progress that KSU has made during the life time of the SIHEKSU project, look at techniques to develop long term plans and focus on ways in which KSU can effectively and legitimate represent the needs and aspiration of students in Kosovo to national decision makers. Part of the training was the specific planning session on securing candidate membership of the European Students’ Union as part of ensuring the long term viability and stability of KSU for the future.

During the three day training, the participants reviewed the progress that has been made so far by: Clarifying the constitution and legal framework of KSU, Explaining the allocation of resources (finance and staff), Explaining the relationship between KSU and its member students’ unions and reviewing the first KSU General Assembly.
Part of the training was the SWOT analysis and the development of the vision and mission of KSU, done in a very creative way by the trainers and the participants, which aim was to identify the main strengths and weaknesses that KSU has.

At the end of the training, the participants had the opportunity to conclude and briefly discuss the three day training and the lessons that they have learned.