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QAinAL_2nd Hands-on targeted training for QA Officers at the University Politehnica in Bucharest held on 13-15 November 2017

Prishtinë, 17/11/2017 - 07:33

In the framework of the QAinAL ERASMUS+ project, the targeted training for Quality Assurance officers was organized at the University Politehnica of Bucharest on 13-15 November 2017.

Prof. Dr. Mariana Mocanu started the event with the presentation of the host university as a provider of both master and PhD degrees, a representative university in the Romanian landscape of higher education institutions.

Furthermore, the particularities of QA for master studies as well as the requirements established at national level by the Romanian Accreditation Agency (ARACIS) were presented by Prof.

Mariana Mocanu. It was presented the accreditation of master domains, as well as the accreditation at the level of program studies. The presentation was followed by a question & answers session.

Each of the representatives of the HEIs from Tirana delivered presentations on the master programs and the setup system for master programs:

  • University New York Tirana - Mrs. Ariana Çela
  • Marin Barleti University - Mrs. Migena Kapllanaj
  • Epoka University - Mrs. Reina Shehi (Zenelaj)
  • POLIS University - Mrs. Manjola Hoxha
  • European University - Mrs. Drita Kruja

The second day started with Prof. Assoc. Costin Chiru’s presentation of the PhD program from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, viewed from the students’ eyes. There were presented the steps needed to be undertaken by the students starting from the BSc/ MSc programs to the end of the PhD program in order to be successful in their attempts. The presentation was also followed by a question & answers session.

The representatives of the HEIs from Tirana presented the PhD programs and the set-up system for PhD programs in their universities:

  • University New York Tirana - Mrs. Matilda Lopari
  • Epoka University - Mr. Niuton Mulleti
  • POLIS University - Mr. Loris Rossi and Ms. Joana
  • Dhiamandi
  • European University of Tirana - Mr. Arbi Agalliu
  • Marin Barleti University - Mrs. Eurona Leka

The last part of the second day was dedicated to the Consortium Meeting which was conducted by Prof. Peter Eckl from University of Salzburg, the project coordinator.

The last day started with the presentation of different joint MSc programs in which the Politehnica University from Bucharest was involved. The first program was an European funded

Erasmus Mundus MSc program (DMKM – Data Mining and Knowledge Management) that was presented by Prof. Assoc. Costin Chiru. Afterwards, the Parallel and

Distributed Systems MSc. program was presented by Prof. Mariana Mocanu. Prof. Mariana Mocanu also presented a new MSc. program that is developed now in the Politehnica University from Bucharest in the domain of aeronautics. The presentations were followed by question & answers sessions, during which the Albanian partners made different remarks.

The last session of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the professor’s view of the PhD program from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. Prof. Mariana Mocanu made an interactive presentation in which all the partners were invited to participate. The discussions included aspects such as tutors’ habilitation and the university funding.

Moreover, the study visit was attended by 23 representatives of Albanian universities, representatives of the Albanian Ministry of Education and of the Albanian Accreditation Institution.