QAinAL_Training seminar on “Quality Assurance in Higher Education” held at the University of Genova on May 28-30, 2018

10 shtator 2021

Prishtinë, 31/05/2018 - 13:57 The aim of the Genova event was to: i) delivering training to teachers and managers involved in Quality Assurance in the Partner Country Universities; ii) discussing the “QAINAL QA Action Plan” to be considered as main sustainability output of the project and iii) to be introduced with the italian experiences regarding issues on internal and external quality assurance in teaching, learning and research.

On the first day, the first presentation was delivered by Dhurata Bozo, Head of Albanian Accreditation Agency on “Internal QA System in Albanian Higher Education Institutions” . Claudia De Nadai, UNIGE on “Management and rewarding of taching human resources, followed the second presentation. The afternoon was dedicated to discussion of “Program Competences and Learning Outcomes”, by Prof. Alfredo Squarzioni, University of Genova, Polytechnic School, Professor Emeritus.

On the second, the following higher education institutions, presented their current version of the Action Plans: European University of Tirana, Albania

  • Marin Barleti University, Albania
  • University of New York, Albania
  • Polis University, Albania

Discussion was followed by giving comments to the current versions of their documents. Prof. Alfredo Squarzioni led the session. In the afternoon session the following presentations were given by:

  • Prof. Agostino Massa,  Study programs: Teaching programs, Accredditation and Quality
  • Cristina Roveda, The Quality Assurance Board of UNIGE
  • Luca Salviati and Emanuela Ghiazza, Evaluation and QA of teaching, The Evalaution Board in the AVA process


On the third day, presentations were focused on the following areas:

- Jean Paul Braghin “H.R. Management and Reward Policies”

- Monica Penco, Teaching staff recruitment system in Italy

- Maria Picasso, The Reform of Italian University 1. Governance, Management and Quality Assurance. 2. Planning and control

- Mario Picasso, The financing of the Italian university system and the “OFF” system

- Monica Penco, Changing University Governance

The afternoon session was dedicated to Project Consortium Meeting. Minutes of the project consortium are prepared separately and attached as an Annex to the Minutes of the training.