Climate and energy.

  • Through our services we try to promote and facilitate the implementation of flagship initiative “Resource efficient Europe” of  Europe 2020 Strategy at the national and regional level. The flagship initiative “Resource efficient Europe” at the national level seeks:
  • To phase out environmentally harmful subsidies, limiting exceptions to people with social needs;
  • To deploy market-based instruments such as fiscal incentives and procurement to adapt production and consumption methods;
  • To develop smart, upgraded and fully interconnected transport and energy infrastructures and make full use of ICT;
  • To ensure a coordinated implementation of infrastructure projects, within the EU core network, that critically contributes to effectiveness of the overall EU transport system;
  • To focus on the urban dimension of transport where much of the congestion and emissions are generated;
  • To use regulation, building performance standards and market-based instruments such as taxation subsidies and procurement to reduce energy and resource use and use structural funds to invest in energy efficiency in public buildings and in more efficient recycling;
  •  To incentivize energy saving instruments that could raise efficiency in energy intensive sectors such as based on the use of ICT’s.