Kick-off Meeting and 1st Study Visit at the FH Campus Wien

31 Mars 2014

Date: Sunday, March 30, 2014 Venue: Vienna, Austria The kick-off meeting of the FAITH project was held at the FH Campus Wien. Many have been the topics discussed during this meeting.

MONDAY, 31.03.2014 


1. Plenary Meeting 
1.1. Welcome Address and Opening Remarks by Arthur Mettinger, Rector, FH-Campus Wien 
1.2. Opening Remarks by H.E. Blerim Canaj, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Vienna 

1.3. Welcome Remarks by Marina Friedrich, TEMPUS National Contact Point, OeAD - Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research 


Plenary Meeting – Good Practice 

1.4. Steering Autonomous Universities in Austria: Legal Framework, Perspectives and Challenges by by Elmar Pichl, Director General for HEIs, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy 

1.5. Financial management practices at the FH Campus Wien by Horst Rode, CFO, FH Campus Wien 


Plenary Meeting

1.6. Presentation of the project partners


TUESDAY, 01.04.2014 


Plenary Meeting – Workshop 

1.7. Financial Autonomy and Accountability of public universities in Austria, by Georg Tummeltshammer, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy 

1.8. Financial Management Infrastructure, by Alexander Hammer, Head Financial Office. University of Vienna


WEDNESDAY, 02.04.2014


On-Site Visit – Financial management practices 

1.9. University of Vienna / Federal Ministry of Science Research and Economy 

1.10. Plenary Meeting – Summary/Lesson Learned