FAITH: Study Visit & 1st training workshop at Saarland University

30 Qershor 2014

Date: Monday, June 30, 2014 to Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Venue: University of Saarland, Germany

In the framework of the TEMPUS project “Increasing the Financial Autonomy and accountability at public higher education institutions in Kosova” a study visit and first workshop took place at Saarland University, in Saarbrucken, Germany on June 30 – July 2, 2014.
The delegation was comprised of the following project partners:
·      FH Campus Wien
·      Saarland University
·      Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova
·      University “Haxhi Zeka” Peje
·      University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”
·      University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti”
·      Kosova Center for International Cooperation in Higher Education, Science and Technology
·      WUS Kosova
The aim of the visit was to introduce the Kosovar to the practices on financial autonomy and accountability of University of Saarland, as well as of German model at national level.  The welcoming words were delivered by Prof. Dr. Uwe Hartmann, Vice-president for European and international affairs.  The three – days Agenda included the following topics:
1)     Financial Management at Saarland University

  • target negotiations and agreements with the state

  • University development planning

  • budgeting and controlling

  • recent developments (cost-cutting debate)

2)     Saarland University on its way to financial autonomy

  • The change process from state-steering to global budget in the year 2004

  • from fiscal-accounting to double entry bookkeeping

  • identified problems and obstacles during the change processes

3)     The German model(s) of allocating state-money to Higher Education Institutions

  • overview of the models used in the 16 federal states.

4)     Measuring the economical impact of Universities – Why investments in Higher Education?

  • results of a study about the socio-economic effects of Saarland University, realised in the year 2013.

During the visit the processed results of the of the macro and micro analysis of the Kosovan partners have been presented by the University of Saarland related to financial accountability and autonomy of public higher education institutions in Kosova.